What! Bigg Boss makers to CHEAT the viewers and evict this contestant this weekend!

This week, Luv Tyagi, Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma are nominated for eviction from the Bigg Boss house. Luv Tyagi has been into nominations a lot of times but has always got lucky! His friends, Priyank and Hina have always helped him to escape the nominations. On the other hand, we have Puneesh and Bandgi who have managed to grab all eye balls with their in-house love story, PDA and more. So, actually, it is because of Puneesh and Bandgi that the show is getting good TRPs through the weeks.

If any of the two get evicted from the Bigg Boss house this week, it is most likely to affect the TRPs of the show. Looks like this time, the makers will evict Luv Tyagi to save the show! As per reports, Bandgi has received the least amount of votes but the makers will evict Luv Tyagi instead. Luv Tyagi is one of the most non-controversial contestants on the show and he doesn’t really have a great fan following.

Last week also, Sapna Choudhary was evicted instead of Priyank Sharma because Sapna was actually not bringing in any controversies. It was Priyank who managed to bring in a lot of drama on the show and the makers chose him over Sapna and evicted her from the show. Well, if that was for real, it won’t be difficult for them to evict Luv Tyagi this week. However, one can’t deny the fact that Bandgi is the least contributing contetsant on the show. She is only seen over the cameras because of her fake love affair with Puneesh Sharma.

What do you think? Is it fair on the part of the makers to eliminate a deserving candidate just for the sake of TRPs? Let us know in the comments section below.


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