Bigg Boss OTT Fame Akshara Singh Was Chased By Boys With Acid Bottles; Deets Inside

Akshara Singh,  who was recently eliminated from Karan Johar’s Bigg Boss OTT is continuously hitting headlines after coming out of the controversial reality show. Last week, the actress grabbed eyeballs when she exposed the makers of Bigg Boss, and now she is back with some shocking revelations from her past life.

The Bhojpuri actress has opened up about her troubled relationship from the past and how her life became hell after the split. In a recent conversation with a leading daily, Akshara revealed that her ex-boyfriend had hired a group of boys to throw acid on her after their break-up. Recalling the incident, Akshara said that after her breakup, she began getting threats to her life and career. One day, it came to a point where some boys started chasing her with acid in their hands. The Bihar sensation has also confessed to have battled depression.

Opening about her toxic relationship and the aftermath of the breakup, Akshara said, “I was getting so many threats that he would kill me or destroy my career but after my father’s conversation with me I gained so much strength that I stopped caring about anything. I did not even fear for my life. I had faced so many things by then ki maut ka khauff he khatam hogaya tha. I felt kya karoge maroge he na… chalo maar lo. My ex sent few boys with acid bottles in their hand and also tried to destroy my career.”

“I was chased by a few boys with acid bottles in their hand. They were running behind me. People who do drugs on the streets were sent after me. I just pray to God that no female has to go through what I’ve suffered in my life,” Akshara continued.

Not a long time ago, Akshara after getting evicted from Bigg Boss OTT, was seen exposing the fakeness of the show. In an exclusive chat, Akshara disclosed that the people who bashed her with their questions on the weekend episode were not the spectators, but actually members of the team only. Akshara also felt that all this was done to portray her in a negative light.

Through her stint of Bigg Boss, Akshara gained fans’ attention on numerous incidents. She got involved in a fight with Shamita Shetty and Moose Jattana in the first few weeks of the show.

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