You all remember Veena Malik from Bigg Boss season 4? She was in news throughout the season for her closeness with co-contestant Ashmit Patel. However, she was missing from the limelight after the show.

In the year 2013, Veena got married to Asad Khattak in Dubai. She had two kids with him – son Abram who is 2 years old and one daughter Amal who is just a year old. The two have got divorced now.

Reports suggest that Veena’s husband Asad didn’t want Veena to work in the film industry again. He wanted her to stay back at home and take care of the kids. This further led to a number of problems between the couple and they started living separately in January.

Veena filed a divorce with Asad but he did not reply or appeared in court. Veena’s request was accepted in the court. She was asked to return 25% of the haq mehr (mandatory payment) to him.

That is sad news! 


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