Now with every Bigg Boss season we get one couple. While some of them last, others turn out to be ugly soon after the show is over. This year, the viewers have Puneesh and Bandgi as the new couple of the Bigg Boss family. The two have been close ever since the beginning of the show and they aren’t really shying off their love for each other. However, this time they have went a wee further by locking lips inside the Bigg Boss house, knowing that they are under cameras 24*7.

As per a report, the two were planning to get intimate inside the bathroom. However, when they tried to do so, they saw the cameras rolling towards them. They later went to their beds. There, Puneesh expressed his genuine love for her and later the two kissed under the sheets.

They were seen kissing for 10 seconds and that was aired on television too. However, no one in the house was aware of this act as they were all sleeping. But the show being a family show has brought in a lot of hate comments for the couple.

While the viewers knew about their feelings for each other, they didn’t like the fact that they crossed the limit and smooched on national television knowing that people of every age watch this show. Some hate comments on Puneesh and Bandgi’s act include, “Throw them out .. it’s a family show”, “She didn’t let #Puneesh smooch her until he became the captain.”, “I’m wondering how low they can get for the show #Shame”, “Bandgi ne phailai gandagi#bb11 #BandgiKalra”.

Earlier also, couples like Suyyash Rai – Kishwer Merchant, Keith- Rochelle and Gautam- Diandra have got intimate inside the house. We are waiting for Salman’s Weekend Ka War to see how Salman has to react on this. Also, we would like to know what you have to say about all this. Drop in your comments in the comments section below.

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