Ever since Priyank Sharma has entered the Bigg Boss house, he has been surrounded with controversies for one reason or the other. And one major reason behind it is his confused love life. Before entering the Bigg Boss house, he was dating Divya Aggarwal, whom he met at another reality show (Splitsvilla 10) and became partners with.  When he entered the house, he was constantly seen flirting with various female co-contestants but later he was also seen mentioning about having a girlfriend in the United States who is busy with her education.

And that’s not all, after he came back to the house as a wildcard entry; the young fellow was seen getting too close to one of his friends, Benafsha Soonawalla who recently got evicted from the show. While Benafsha Soonawalla rubbished the claims about their linkups as soon as she got out of the house and mentioned that she only feels for her boyfriend (Varun Sood), Priyank, on the other hand, confessed about that he had feelings for Benafsha in the latest Voot episode.

In the episode, talking to Luv Tyagi about his love life, Priyank said, “I am really glad ek chiz ke liye ki Benaf aur main kabhi physical nahi hue ek dusre ke sath poore show me. Kabhi nahi hue. Jabki chances ho jaate ki haan… but we made sure that this doesn’t happen. That is a good thing, as I don’t feel like I have cheated on anyone.”

In response to this, Luv then went on to reassure Priyank by telling him that such things happen when you’re away from your partner for quite long. Priyank then confessed his feelings for Benafsha and said, “The problem is I genuinely don’t want to lose my girlfriend. But Benaf ke liye bhi feelings aa gayi hain. Aur usko bhi aa gayi hain.”During the conversation, he was also mumbling something about his 12-year-old relationship outside the house which clearly proves that Divya is certainly not the one who he has been talking about all this while.

Later in the episode, Priyank also mentioned that he’s aware of the consequences that he will have to face when he steps outside the house.

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