You do not need an occasion to begin a revolution rather, you need a reason for the same says Niraj Jawanjal, (founder India Intimate Fashion Week) and the moving force behind their latest “ India Inner Confidence Day ” concept.
Close on the heels of the stupendous success of the first ever India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW),we decided to sustain the momentum coming up with innovative ideas and initiatives to connect the intimate and beach fashion industry to every mind which has a designated space for fashion.
“It’s a herculean task to convince people in the beginning when you initiate something out of the box, says Niraj. Our endeavor “ Boo The Taboo “ the central theme of IIFW has sowed the seeds striking roots in Indian minds. Girls and women are now more vocal and are supporting “ Boo The Taboo ” initiative”.


It is a human right to share, discuss and choose basic necessities and, an inner wear is one of them. There is simply no reason to feel shame or reluctance while talking about lingerie. This silence has to be broken and the taboo kicked so that women can freely discuss, choose and be vocal about their thoughts about it.

While, IIFW is all set to introduce India’s first ever-intimate fashion calenda “Black Magik” we were looking out for an opportunity to create a new vocal and social platform of “ India Inner Confidence Day” which is inspired by the “International Lingerie Day” celebrated across the world on 27th Aug.


a) As a part of our main strategy “BOO THE TABOO” takes the center stage: we are planning to involve all our existing IIFW Season One participant brands and designers to associate with us. Simultaneously, we are also planning to seek comments of noted personalities from various sectors to share this 1 min video to talk about India Inner Confidence Day.

The process involved,

1. Sharing a VIDEO ( 1 min ) Message of The Designer / Brand Owner / Noted Personalities about “Boo The Taboo”. The need of the hour in India and on the occasion of International Lingerie Day as India Inner Confidence Day,
a) what do you feel about this initiative ?
b) what’s your way of celebrating it ?
c) A strong message for Indian girls & women along with few words for IIFW.

2. This would create a bold shout on social media we would be able to engage, seek attention of our target audience. Henceforth, people would clearly connect

“International Lingerie Day = India Inner Confidence Day = Boo The Taboo” every year.

Our aim is to create a “Taboo Free” society, which would treat inner wear as a basic necessity and no-shame attached to it. Simultaneously every year on 27th Aug comes, we should engage people with various smart initiatives to help us in Boo-ing The Taboo.
Through Black Magik, IIFW is planning to connect finest of the established and aspiring brands and designers off the ramp. While, India prominently lacks having a commercial fashion calendar, IIFW’s Black Magik would offer an international standard platform (in both print & digital) to exhibit best of the fashion lines in Intimate & Beach fashion crafted by leading designers and brands. IIFW offers a strong ramp presence to showcase a designer’s talent while Black Magik would offer a creatively shot calendar with finest of the fashion crews. This calendar would reach and create reach for these high fashion designs across B2B & B2C layers of the fashion industry. This will enable a lasting product impact and also generate inquiries to create business opportunities.
In the first season of Black Magik, Team IIFW has on board celebrity fashion photographer Mrunal Kalsekar, ace stylist Petula Browe, make-up artist Nidhi Kaushal with creative direction by IIFW’s own Varnika Sharma. Niraj also roped in FTV Talent House ( known as Pietra Dura in India ) as official talent managers for Black Magik Calendar.

IIFW is confident that Black Magik will have have its own identity and brand value in the coming years. “All IIFW initiatives are aimed at creating intellectual and business minded platforms that promote new talent, engage best of the leading brands and designers in Intimate and Beach fashion industry “,says Amit Pandey, (media head & associate partner,IIFW).

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