Blast From The Past: Why Priyanka Chopra Cried When She Was Offered “Aitraaz”

Aitraaz is one of the most critically acclaimed films of the 2000s. Helmed by Abbas-Mustan, the film was inspired by a Hollywood movie titled Disclosure. Aitraaz was released in 2004 and had a loaded star cast. The film had Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor in the main roles and Priyanka Chopra as the “vamp” also known as the villain. It was a film based on the sensitive topic of sexual harassment which climaxed through a courtroom drama.

Producer Suneel Darshan who has worked with Priyanka on multiple occasions was recently part of an interview. Here he recalled the interesting reaction he got from Priyanka Chopra when she was offered the said film. , “Akshay and Priyanka both were keen not to do the movie. But I used my bonding with them to see that they came in. Akshay had issues with the finances, I said ‘what does a little less or more money matter in a movie, think of the project.’ And Priyanka Chopra, she said she was approached for a vamp’s role and she was so upset, she cried, she went home and she went to sleep.” He said.

He added “I said after you wake up come back to the office. She was here and I pressed her about the importance of her doing the role. I thought I drilled it into her head, and yes it was wonderful for them to be in Aitraaz.”. everything happens for a reason is the perfect way to describe this scenario. Priyanka was the one who ended up getting praised the most for her role. Some fans even call this a turning point in her career as everyone was very impressed with her performance.

She was last seen in the Hollywood film The Matrix Resurrections in 2021. Talking about foreign films, In a recent interview, PeeCee herself opened up about working in Hollywood and English language films. She said. “I am a high achiever, I have always been a high achiever. I am someone who is goal oriented. I like challenges, growth, evolution, and knowledge. When you combine all of these things, there is a lot more that I want to do. If I break it down, I have had an incredibly successful career as an actor in India. I have worked with the best filmmakers, and I have done films that I am proud of. And now I want to be able to, as an actor, create that body of work in my English language work which is in America.”

Fans are excited to see her back on screen, especially in an Indian movie. She is slated to make her comeback through Farhan Akhtar’s Jee Le Zaraa alongside Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt.

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