‘Blown Away’: Kate Winslet Praises Daughter Mia’s Performance In ‘I Am Ruth’

Kate Winslett recently appeared on BBC One’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, where she talked about working with her 22-year-old daughter Mia on their new drama, I Am Ruth. “Actually, I was just so blown away by her,” Kate stated of Mia, per The Daily Mail. “I mean, she didn’t need my help at all.”

She proceeded: “Sometimes I could introduce her to a technical trick here and there. Just little things I picked up along the way, like changing an eye line … Little things like that, that no one teaches you. And she appreciated that stuff.” However, when it asked about acting, Kate acknowledged that her daughter would state, “I’m good,” and give it a go on her own. “And there were times when I would say, ‘Can I just one…’ ‘No, no, no, I’m good,’ ” she remarked further.

In the film, Kate plays the role of Ruth, a worried mom who attempts to assist her daughter Freya through the strains of social media and a mental well-being concern. I Am Ruth is part of the I Am drama for Channel 4, produced by Dominic Savage and co-written by Savage & Winslet.

“…We had the added bonus of knowing how to push each other’s buttons, which I can tell you we can do quite well and definitely lent on that resource considerably when we were filming,” Kate stated of filming with Threapleton. This week when Kate appeared on ITV’s Lorraine, she acknowledged that her daughter would even suggest her to “shut up.” “As far as performance, she didn’t need me at all,” she stated. “There are even moments where she’d look at me and go, ‘Shut up Mum, let me do it!'”


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