Did you know that common gestures can help you learn a lot about the other person? Small things like nodding of the head, making eye contact or movement of the legs can help you know a lot about the other person. We usually don’t pay attention to small things like these but if we do, we can know a lot about the thoughts of the other person. Have a look at some body language tricks:

Eye contact

If a person makes a strong eye contact with you while talking to you, then the person is very confident and dominating. If someone doesn’t make an eye contact with you while communicating, then they maybe hiding something from you. It can also mean that the person lacks confidence.


Fake smile or real smile?

Those who have a genuine smile have an altogether different sparkle in their eyes. They will keep smiling for long. However, those who have a fake smile will smile just for one or two seconds. They will keep it very formal.


Movement of the hands

If the person moves their hands a lot or keeps them in their pockets or crosses at the back, then there are chances that they are hiding something from you.


Eyebrows are the key

If someone is really interested in hearing what you are saying, then they may raise their eyebrows. But if the person has lowered or twitched eyebrows they it may depict anger, tension or confusion.


Focus on the feet movement

You can learn a lot about the other person’s thoughts by focussing on their feet movement. If they are tapping their feet, it means that they are nervous. If the person has stretched or relaxed feet, then it means that the person is in a very relaxed state of mind.


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