This Bollywood actor just shared about his battle with drug addiction

Prateik Babbar, who rose to fame with movies like Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na, Issaq and Dhobi Ghat recently shared something that shocked us. Though he couldn’t make a strong mark with any of his movies, he has a good number of fans all across.

In a recent interview, Prateik shared that through all these years he has been battling with drug addiction. He shared, “There was a part of my life that people didn’t know about. All these years, people, fans and admirers saw me in a certain way as a good actor, a happy guy. But that wasn’t the case. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t being good to myself. I was a heavy addict. It was a huge problem.”

menPrateik is planning to write down his own book about his battle with drug addiction. This is surely something that deserves a salute!

All the best, Prateik!

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