Bollywood is the world of glamour and we find everything fascinating about this world. We grow up looking upon our favourite actors and their glamorous lifestyle. But as we know there is a two sides of every coin in the same way the one who have created the image of hero in our eyes can sometimes act worst than villains in real life. We are talking about actors who have physically abused their wives or girlfriends in real life. No woman deserves to get physically abused, no matter where they come from, what class and status they have. Each woman should be equally respected and live a dignified life. And if our society appreciate such acts in order to establish male dominating society it’s a shame for all of us. Forget about common people ,even the actors who we admire so much and often look up to them, fail to stand up to our expectations when they abuse their wives or girlfriends. Have a look at few of those heroes who are perfectly fine to act villains in real life.

Sanjay Khan

zeenat sanjay

Glamour diva of seventies Zeenat Aman had an ugly relationship with actor Sanjay Khan.  Sanjay, who was married to Zarine Khan and had three children with her, fell in love with her on the sets of Abdullah in 1980. It was reported that they would often have violent quarrel even in public. Situation got worse when Sanjay Khan was reported to have brutally assaulted Zeenat Aman in a five star hotel at a party. The relationship came to an end after this.

Aditya Pancholi

aditya pancholiAditya Pancholi made more news with his link ups and allegations of abusive nature than his onscreen performances. When he was dating Pooja Bedi, he was alleged to have raped her fifteen year old maid. Later, while he was having an affair with Kangana Ranaut who was more than twenty years his junior, he was reported to have assaulted her physically.

Salman khan

salman khan

The Bhaijaan of Bollywood has gain all fame with his exceptional journey in this film industry. But, had a darker side when it comes to relationships. Time and again his lovely ladies have accused him of physical abuse. At first it was Somy Ali, a Pakistani actress, on whom he poured a drink at a party in a fit of rage. Later h

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