Zareen Khan, Gautam Rode and Abhinav Shukla starrer Aksar 2 released last Friday. The movie is a romantic thriller and shows Zareen in a bold light. Little did we know that the actress went through a lot of turmoil while shooting for the movie and during the promotion tour.  She recently shared that when the movie was offered to her, the makers told her that Aksar 2 is going to be a very clean film but later the makers wanted me to wear minimal clothes. Zareen shared that the producer and director were clueless about what they wanted me do in the movie.

When asked by a news portal as to why didn’t she walked out of the movie after all this happened, she said, “I don’t believe in such drastic measures. Moreover, by the time such things started to happen, they had shot a substantial part of the film. I know a good amount of money was at stake, a lot of time and energy had already been spent, and just like a professional, I  tried to find a middle solution, but every time there were arguments (pauses).”

She further added that the makers wanted her stylist to change her clothes everyday as they wanted me to dress into an avatar where she exposed more. And it is furthermore shocking to know that the makers didn’t show her the movie before the release. Zareen is really upset with the movie as she believes that many parts of the movie have been shoved in without any reason.“They added close-ups to wide angle shots to retakes and what not- and the result is for you to see,” Zareen shared.

While she was in Delhi, she nearly escaped molestation. She shared, “They had over- committed to the sponsors and hadn’t briefed me! Look at the miscommunication! They took me to a venue where I was told to do interactions while the makers were busy eating food and drinking beer. Raat bhar khao, daaru piyo- but is this the way you treat a lady? Nobody came down to see me off till the car, and while I was on my way down they tried to stop me. When I reached the car I was supposed to travel in, I realised that they had frisked the keys before I got into it. The security was minimal and the crowd came very close to me on the road. Now who says that I was molested as their messages read? I was on the verge of being molested. I could have been molested. Somehow I told the security guards to give me their car to reach the hotel. And mind you, the security was hardly any. I reach the hotel and this so-called producer Bajaj comes and demands to know that who will pay the sponsdors because I did not fulfill my assignment to the end? As I said I was not even told what I was supposed to do, leave aside if I was comfortable doing that or not- so how could I fulfil?”

Zareen also shared that her staff hasn’t yet been paid for the services they rendered. This has come as a shock to all of us and we really don’t know how to react. It is shameful and disturbing.

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