Bollywood actress slams body-shamers, sends out a strong message

By admin

April 27, 2018

Body shaming is nothing new to the Bollywood world. Surely, the world looks full of glitz and glam from the outside but not everyone knows the dark reality of it. The world of Bollywood is not limited to the silver screen, there is much more that happens beyond it. Somewhere or the other, we have always felt like having a life of a celebrity but can we really realise what they go through each day?

Being a Bollywood celebrity has its own setbacks. While they may look flawless to you on the screen, there are still people who would keep body shaming and trolling them for no reason. Well, from actresses like Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone, all have been badlly body shamed and trolled.

Not only the women, men too have been body shamed by people all across. Adding to it is social media, that has actually given such people a platform to spread their hatred. All these people who have no work but to only spread hatred and negativity in the lives of people have been using social media handles to troll celebrities.

Athiya Shetty recently took to Twitter and shared that it is really wrong to judge people on the basis of how they look. She wrote:

“I’d just like to point out that telling someone they’re too skinny and “must eat some food” is AS bad as telling someone they’re fat and need to get on a diet. It still counts as body shaming. Everyone is built differently, everyone has their own struggle.. so be kind or 🤐✌🏼”

Athiya’s tweet is so on point. Wish everyone understands that!