8 Bollywood Actresses Who Created Horrible Makeup Blunder !!

‘Beauty’ has its definition. It is not only about what one looks at on the outside, but also how one feels. Confidence is beautiful. Comfort is Beautiful. Being healthy is beautiful. But, when it comes to Bollywood Celebrities, they need to take care of a lot of factors on how they look. Since they are always exposed to the glitter of the camera and paparazzi, they tend to influence a lot of youngsters too. The camera captures everything. These Bollywood actresses are style icons and everyone tends to follow the style of their favourite celebrity.

But, Mishap happens. No one is perfect. I am sure, everyone in their life runs through makeup blunders at least once. Make-up disasters are not new in Bollywood, they have been repetitive over the years.

Here is a list of few Bollywood Actresses and their Beauty Blunders–

  • Sonam Kapoor- She is the fashion icon for many girls out there. But girls! Be aware of this makeup. This is not a trend, it is a disaster. Darker tone foundation than your skin and using peach blush with it, A Big No!!!!


  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the most beautiful in this world. But in this look, what went wrong? No one could ever know. Her makeup artist tried this neutral makeup look with diamond jewellery. Why would anyone do that to Aishwarya?



  • Oh! How can Rakhi Sawant’s be left far behind. That contouring is strictly prohibited to any living person on earth.


  • Deepika Padukone surely is a very talented actress with flawless beauty. And she is known for her brilliant makeup looks. But in here- winged eyeliner, too much highlighter and dark lips didn’t seem to go well for her.


  • Priyanka Chopra’s asymmetric bob became a style statement. She shared – “I went to my regular salon to get a pedicure and walked out with an asymmetrical bob. I had taken an impromptu decision to cut my hair and, before I could chicken out, I asked my hairstylist to get started. Halfway through, though, when I saw how short my hair was on one side, I ran scared and didn’t cut the other half. I landed up with that asymmetrical bob, which I eventually thought looked quite cool. I had to correct it a few days later, but it was super fun while it lasted.”


  • Jacquelin Fernandez, shared  ” There was an incident, many years ago. We did very strong eyes, lips and hair at the same time. And we forgot to contour. So, we didn’t balance it out very well and… it just looked horrendous”.


  • Tara Sutaria– Last year, Tara Sutaria got trolled for her makeup look. In an event, her under-eye concealer gave a major white flashback as paps clicked her photos in the flashlight. Her concealer wasn’t properly blended and it certainly didn’t match her skin tone too.


  • Ameesha Patel opted for a lighter foundation for this look and it didn’t go well with her skin tone. In photos, the foundation looked weird. Moreover, her blusher was badly placed too.



We still love them. Beauty Blunders cannot make us short of the love we have for them.



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