One trait that make stars close to normal people is the love of animals and the want of keeping pets. Looking into those watery big eyes and being greeted by wet noses and wagging tails is something that everyone like (well almost everyone). Here is a list of actresses who have more than one pet, even adopted pets and share a great love for animals.

  1. Shilpa Shetty owns a Pekingese named Champagne and it is clear from the photo as to how much she loves it. She also has two Persian cats! (poor dog)

    Shilpa Shetty and their pets

  1. Sonam Kapoor owns 3 dogs named Coke, Bacardi and feather.

  1. Kalki Koechlin once adopted two cats from an agency. In an interview, she said, ““I had found two stray kittens and adopted them. And since I love South Indian food, one was named Masala and the other was named Dosa.” But then Masala ran away and Kalki joked saying that she was left only with plain Dosa now.

    Kalki Koechlin

  1. Jacqueline Fernandez is a big animal lover and owns seven dogs, two cats, turtles, fish, four rabbits and a lot of stray cats and kittens. (that is seriously a LOT of animal love)

    Jacqueline Fernandez

  1. Koena Mitra has overcome many hardships related to her surgery and seen the dark side of stardom. Maybe this why she loves animals even more for they are not ugly inside! She owns seven dogs – Cookie, Jiggy, Sushi, Missy, Bella, Fluffy, Jerry and Dude (the only male) and loves to take them out for night rides.Koena Mitra
  1. Celina Jaitley is on the list as well! The actress has three dogs namely Teacup who is a Jack Terrier, Heineken who is a Cocker Spaniel and an adopted dog called Gooblee.

    Celina Jaitley

  1. Raveena Tondon has done what probably every dog lover should do. Giving home to the dogs of our own nation. She has three Indian dogs and a cat and later she rescued a star dog as well.

    raveena tandon

  1. Zarine Khan has two Persian cats (I wonder why the actresses always go for Persian cats, what about piche ki gali se billu?). Oh, wait! She also took in a malnourished stray cat and named it Softy (I take my words back)

  2. Rani Mukherji has even done a photoshoot with her dog. One time during a shoot, the actress started screaming and scolding someone and then it was found out that the reason behind it was because a few people were harassing a pup. Sources reported that “Rani walked up to the people who were harassing the dog and scolded them in front of the entire unit. When she saw the animal in trouble, she ran to its rescue.” The actress used to feed strays as a child.

    Rani Mukherji

  1. Sunny Leone and her husband own two dogs named Chopper and Lilu. Both of them are mixed breeds. Along with these two dogs, she also has a cat named Alex. (poor cat)

    Sunny Leone

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