Plastic surgery, which saw its emergence from India’s sushrusa, has been in one of the most looked out treatment for enhancing the beauty. Various Hollywood, as well as Bollywood heroines, has gone under the knife to get more beautiful features. Whether it is the nose or the lips, actresses have undergone plastic surgery to look prettier.

However, it’s not necessary that these plastic surgeries turn out to offer amazing results. There have been many times when Bollywood actresses got a plastic surgery and it resulted in something way more horrible. Here’s a list of the same.

Rakhi Sawant

rakhi-sawant-before-and-after-surgery-min (1)

The actress leaves no chance to be in the news. She went under the knife multiple times for breast implants to liposuction to shaping the jaw line, eyelid enhancements and nose. Is there anything left Rakhi?!

Koena Mitra

koena-mitra-before-and-after-surgery-minShe is one of the worst victims of plastic surgery. Her nose surgery which went horribly wrong is open to the entire world. According to the sources, her face was s o disfigured that it was difficult for her to even smile. She had to pay off her career.

Here are the excerpts of her interview

“With the giddying attention, came the disastrous decision – to get a nose job. “After the surgery, my bones started swelling up. Even the doctors gave up and said that only medicine and prayers will work.”

Anushka Sharma

anushka-sharma-plastic-surgeries (1)-min

You probably remember the memes relating to her funny duck lips that surfaced the internet. God knows why this actress had a lip surgery.

Minisha Lamba


It was pretty evident this actress didn’t want to leave behind in the race. She is another pretty face gone bad after the surgery.

Gauhar Khan

gauhar-khan-before-and-after-surgery-min (1)

Now, this might be shocking for some of you. But only a few people know that, because of her lip job that went bad, she had to drop out from a fashion show.

Sofia Hayat

sofia-hayat-before-and-after-surgery-min (1)

This ex Bigg Boss contestant is another victim of wrong surgery. We wonder what was going on her mind when she decided to go for a lip surgery.

Kangana Ranaut


We are in love with Kangana from her first Bollywood Movie that is ‘Gangster’. However, like other actresses, she was also not happy with her features. Therefore, she underwent numerous surgeries to enhance her assets and features. The lip correction, breast implants, nose job and eyelid enhancements were some of the beauty treatments that she adopted. Her face-lift, according to many seem to be a bad decision.

Esha Deol

esha-deol-lip-job-minEsha Deol is another Bollywood actress who had a disastrous lip job.

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