Bollywood Celebrities and their belief in precious stones

By Stuti Dubey

September 12, 2017

There is no doubt about the fact, that India is a country where majority of the people are superstitious and follow various beliefs or traditions in pursuit of a better life. Even the most prominent and modern actors in the bollywood industry are no less! From the Khans to Kapoors to Bachchans, all have been spotted wearing gemstones for luck. And not because their movie is about to release but in general, they have adoring these jewels from years. Let’s take a look at some of the B-towners, and the gemstones they believe in and why.1. Salman Khan

So this had to be on top of the list! I don’t think anyone has ever seen him without his Turquoise bracelet. In fact, at a point of time it was the trendiest thing which was followed by many! Every other fan of Sallu bhai was seen wearing this bracelet. And this particular bracelet was gifted to Salman Khan by his father. Turquoise gemstone is considered to bring good luck, healing powers (health), love and also shields the wearer from negative energy.

2. Irrfan Khan The actor started from scratch, and rose to great heights with his unmatched talent. He wears a Hessonite in his middle finger.

Hessonite is considered to govern the planet Rahu. This stone helps in reducing the negative effects of Rahu in one’s life.

3. Ekta Kapoor

Well, she is too famous for believing in astrological arrangements and what not! Even the names of her daily soaps and movies started with the letter ‘K’. Nothing in her life moves without first consulting on the astrological effects. She is a fanatic for lucky charm bands and also wears many Diamond, Coral, Yellow Sapphire and Emerald rings. The Emerald is capable of increasing creativity, communication skill, better understanding, balanced perspective, fame and name. Sometimes this gem can also help in respiratory troubles, speech difficulties and allergies.

4. Amitabh Bachchan Big B has been seen wearing two Sapphire rings and one Columbian Emerald ring. He is a staunch believer of the effects of these gemstones as he has been through many ups and down in his life, and maybe it was the effect that helped him pass these hurdles.


According to sources, one of the two sapphire rings belonged to his father. Sapphire is one of the fastest acting gemstone. It can give you mental clarity, wealth, good luck, better health, opportunity and promotion.

5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The Queen of our hearts, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, prefers an Opal ring, a Blue sapphire ring and a Diamond ring. All these gems bring charm, beauty, health, wealth and luck to her life.

6. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

It was in her troubled times, when this actor’s mother suggested her to wear an Emerald ring in her little finger. Soon, there was a change in events, and we all know what happened after that! Emerald surely gave her name, fame, luxury and a very balanced life.

7. Ajay Devgn This one not only believes in precious stones but also changed his name! Vishal Devgn AKA Ajay Devgn, has been sporting a pearl and a yellow sapphire in his right hand for a while now.

Pearl helps in attaining peace of mind and resolving anger issues where as a yellow sapphire bestows fortune, luck, prosperity and happiness on the wearer.