Bollywood Celebrities Who Got Their Body Parts Insured; Deets Inside!!!

Being an actor/actress is perceived to be the most wholesome and privileged career option by the youth. However, everything is not as it may seem. Actors have to go through a lot of things that one may consider to be destructive on an emotional as well as physical level. One flop, one wrong statement, and boom! You’re now bathed in question and accusations. Therefore actors often have to keep a Plan B ready at all times. One such way of doing so is insurance. That too of something only they own. Hence Bollywood as well as Hollywood stars have their body parts insured and copyrighted. Here is the list of some famous personalities who have their body parts insured.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka undoubtedly carries a smile that can light up this whole world. She’s been Miss World, which makes her smile more precious. Being an international icon Priyanka has won many hearts from that heart melting smile. She has it insured for 10Million dollars!!

John Abraham

After giving continuous hits like ‘Desi Boyz‘, ‘Dostana‘, ‘Force‘, ‘Dishoom‘ John Abraham realized the importance of his buttocks and instantly got them insured. His crazy female fans might think all if he can be insured, why just a part, but it is said that the hunk of an actor received offers to have his sexy butt insured. And that too for an amount of 10 crores!!! Well when Kim can have her butt insured for $ 21 million, this is a far smaller price to pay, right!?

Amitabh Bachchan

We all know that Amitabh Ji’s voice is so powerful and manly that anyone will drop to their knees hearing his voice. That’s why he got his voice copyrighted so that no one can copy his voice.

Neha Dhupia

She’s an actress and is often admired for her boldness and straightforward personality. Neha Dhupia is currently 38 years old and she has insured her butt for a whopping amount of money. She has confessed in an interview that she was approached by the company that has insured the butt of Jennifer Lopez with the proposal of getting hers insured, and she then decided to get her butt insured as well.

Many other international personalities have also insured their body parts for a whopping amount of money. Such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Rihanna have insured their Legs, whereas Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian insured their butt.

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