The reality show Bigg Boss has managed to capture the attention of its audience for a really long time now, and will soon be back with its eleventh season.

The concept of commoners versus celebrities will again be repeated in the next season, and the buzz regarding the participants has already begun. After rumours of Niti Taylor signing the show, the gossip that famous singer Sukhwinder Singh will join the show is taking rounds. According to IndiaForums, the Jai Ho singer has already finalised the deal with the producers.

As always, the list, however, is confidential and we can only sit back and conjecture. According to the new rules laid down by the channel, getting into the Bigg Boss house will be tougher for the contestants this year. Like the previous season, the contestants will be divided into two adjacent houses and will compete with each other to win the season.

This season on Bigg Boss will commence on September 24.

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