Except for a few children whose parents have good style sense, most of us looked ugly when we were young. (Not ugly in an ugly sense juts ugly in a non-glamorous kind of sense. You get my point?). Though no one will be interested in seeing our childhood pics (except our annoying friends), I am sure that many of you would love to see the childhood pics of our Bollywood celebrities. Having enjoys the movies that we have been provided thanks to their hard work, we feel like we want to know a little more about these people who gave us so much entertainment.

Shilpa Shetty. Although we can tell that the girl on the right is the same the one on the left, but the difference is remarkable.

SRK. The one actor who has worked-hard AF and has made it to the top. He doesn’t look so bad in his younger photos as well (based on how the others look).

Katrina Kaif has a completely different aura from when she was young to how she is now. This just goes to show how the glamour of the fashion industry can transform someone.

Salman khan looks like he was extremely naughty as a kid.

Kajol’s smile is still the same after all these years.

Amir Khan was supposedly a shy boy when he was young but he looks really mischievous in the photo.

Kangana Ranaut. From a small-town girl in the mountains to an amazing actress. Kangana looks strong in her childhood days just as much as she looks strong now.

Karishma and Kareena Kapoor. Well… Kareena Kapoor seems to have lost a lot of weight… a lot of weight I must say.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Who knew this little girl would grow up to be one of the most beautiful girl women in the world?

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