Our nation is known for its rich culture and convention. We have faith in giving most extreme regard to our seniors and with regards to Bollywood, there are numerous entertainers who despite everything keep on following Indian culture and morals.

Here, we present to you a rundown of a couple of whizzes who gladly contact the feet of seniors to show their regard. See:

  1. Akshay Kumar:

Akshay Kumar is considered as the most restrained on-screen character in Bollywood. In spite of being probably the greatest on-screen character in Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has not overlooked his customs and habits. He regards his older folks and never avoids contacting the feet of his seniors as a sign of regard.

  1. Ranveer Singh:

Ranveer Singh never neglects to get the spotlight with his clever shenanigans. He regards his seniors and regularly shows his regard towards them by contacting their feet. During an honor appear, Ranveer Singh demonstrated the amount he regards and venerates Amitabh Bachchan by contacting his feet.

  1. Ranbir Kapoor:

Known for his modest nature and astounding acting aptitudes, Ranbir Kapoor has never avoided contacting the feet of older folks any place required.

  1. Salman Khan:

Salman Khan is probably the greatest genius of Bollywood, yet regardless of that, he is known for his modest nature and liberality. Be it any honor show or gathering, he is regularly observed contacting the feet of the seniors to stamp his regard towards them.

  1. Kapil Sharma:

Kapil Sharma originates from a modest foundation, be that as it may, today he is administering the media business with his satire appear. Be that as it may, in spite of this reality, he is as yet one of the most modest characters in the Bollywood business. He is regularly observed contacting the feet of each senior on-screen character or craftsman, who visits his show.

6.Shah Rukh Khan:

SRK, the ‘Ruler Khan of Bollywood’ is the greatest hotshots of the nation, nonetheless, he is additionally one of the most ground-to-earth characters. He contacts the feet of each and every individual who is senior to him.