Bullying can happen to anyone and payback is not something very victim can afford. But can you imagine these people being on the list of victims? As successful as they are now, these people had to face many hardships to get here: one of them being bullying.

Raghu of Roadies-

That’s right! This bully was once bullied and that too of the worst kind. Even if he is so badass today that you won’t want to look him in the eye during a fight, he was once subjected to pretty bad humiliation. Don’t think these bullies will be able to protect themselves now!


He says:

“In school, I used to get bullied a lot and it was quite serious in nature. I feel my life changed because of those unpleasant experiences. My personality was shaped in a certain way because I faced bullying of the worst nature.”

Priyanka Chopra-

Priyanka Chopra Pictures 4

Priyanka was a victim of racial humiliation for being dark skinned. She used to attend a school in the US and would often be called names like “Brownie” and be told things like,

“Brownie, go back on the boat you came from”. But what better payback could be for this as now Priyanka has made her own name on USA’s biggest television network and dear bullies, no one even knows about your existence.

Karan Johar-


He was fat and immature kids thought it was funny. Karan Johar, being the renowned director that he is now, faced a lot of bullying and discrimination as he was chubby. I bet the bullies themselves are fat now and cringing over what their life could have been had they not made enemies of this person. Also, Karan is not the only one who faced discrimination due to being fat.

Arjun Kapoor-


Arjun Kapoor also faced discrimination due to his weight, before he reduced from 140 kgs to 87 kgs and joined Bollywood. (Those are some amazing results I wonder why I can’t reduce my wait! *eats potato chips*). And the best part about the story is that it was this bullying that made him motivated. So, thank you bullies for giving us this handsome and talented man.

Hritik Roshan-


Looks like he had a s-s-stuttering problem as a child and that was the stupid reason insecure bullies used to harass him. He had to take treatment and help to normalize his speech. How on earth could those ugly bullies make trouble for someone as hot as Hritik! This just proves how mentally screwed bullies are.

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