Bollywood Stars With Weird Habits !!

We all have at least one weird habit and at times, it makes us feel awkward. But, Hello! There are your favourite Bollywood celebrities who have similar habits maybe. Yes, you are not alone in this. We reveal 7 weird habits of Bollywood celebs that would make you feel less awkward next time.

Salman Khan loves having a huge collection of soaps. From handmade to herbal soaps, he has all of them.


Dimple queen, Preity Zinta checks the bathroom before booking a room in the hotel. She is very particular about her personal hygiene.



Amitabh Bachchan wears 2 watches. Yes, two of them to keep a check on different time zones. He does this especially when Abhishek or Aishwarya are abroad.




Saif Ali Khan is fond of books. He has a complete library inside his bathroom. Now that’s really weird!


Ayushmann Khurana has a habit of cleaning his teeth again and again. He carries a dental kit wherever he goes.



Our very own Baby Doll, Sunny Leone has a weird habit of cleaning her feet in every 15 minutes. Now we know why there are reports that she turns up late for the shoots.sunnyleone759

After his every movie release, Akshay Kumar flies off abroad as he thinks his stay in the country negatively affects the box office collections. Is this why he is abroad more than half of the year?



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