Bollywood’s ‘Drama Queen’ In White Hair, Strap And Wrinkles! Identify Who?

Everyone is shocked looking at this photo in which Bollywood’s ‘Drama Queen’ can be seen with white hair, and wrinkles and a strap around her neck.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant can be seen in this older look in one of her new shows.

Rakhi Sawant is generally very active on social media platforms. Her photos and videos get viral on social media because of unique stunts and experiments. Now the actress has made such a blast, looking at which everyone is shocked. Actress Rakhi Sawant always stays in the limelight for one or another reason. None can forget when Rakhi Sawant took an entry in Bigg Boss 14, the show was completely thrilled.

She has such a personality that if the paparazzi click her photos, she gives them plenty. Additionally, the actress is very active on social media. Her photos and videos make viral news on social media. Recently Rakhi Sawant made a blast, which shocked everyone. The drama Queen came into the limelight by sharing a photo.

Rakhi is seen in this photo as in a never-seen-before look. She surprised her fans with this older look. The actress is seen in these photos in an elderly woman’s make-up. She has white hair, a short haircut, thick spectacles on her eyes, deep wrinkles on her face, and a broad strap around her neck. This photo has shocked everyone.

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Rakhi Sawant has been flaunting this look after artistic makeup. For this photo, she gives the caption,

‘Thank you Rohit Bhai for giving me the look of an 80-year-old woman for the new show TV Begum Badshah Sho80-year-older picture, she wrote, ‘Who is this?’

The photo has gone viral, thousands of people have liked this photo of Rakhi Sawant so far. Many people have commented and praised her. Whereas many people have trolled her too.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant stays in news for one or another reason

Rakhi has also told the fans that the photo was of her new show Begum Badshah on Sony TV. Recently two of her music videos have also been released. Due to that too, she made a lot of headlines on social media.

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