We are still so far from knowing all the truths of this world, especially of our body. Every year, scientists make new discoveries and amaze us with facts that we never knew. An interesting part of our body is what our body’s frame is made up of; our bones.

We are stronger than steel (strong in physical sense!)

We have something that is stronger than the steel and no, it’s not our will. The human bone is 5 times stronger than steel. Thankfully, our bones have many more properties than strength, the best of which is regeneration. Our bones fixes tiny ruptures and fractures on its own and the more your bone works out, the stronger it gets. That’s why body-builders have strong bones.

We once had 60 more bones as compared to now!

We are born with 300 bones, not 206. These are soft baby bones and as we grow up, our bones fuse together to make stronger bones that can sustain our growing body.

The shortest and longest bone-

There competition and ranking among our bones too! The longest bone in our body is our thigh bone (Femur) and the shortest are the ones in our middle ear (Stirrup) which are only 0.11 inches long.

Funny bone was a lie?!

OMG! None of us have a funny bone! Instead of a bone in our elbow, the ‘funny bone’ is an ulnar nerve and it hitting this nerve is what makes us feel that sudden prickly, tingling pain.

The mystery of the disappearing bones-

The weirdest disease in our body is now this. Can you believe it if your bones started disappearing? There is a disease called, Gorham’s disease. It may start from a fracture and then instead of the bone healing itself, the bones start getting absorbed. Even weirder is the fact that in many cases the Gorham’s disease itself disappears.


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