Book Review of “KINTSUKUROI’

Book Review: KINTSUKUROI  by Kritansha Arora

Author: Kritansha Arora

Year: 2018

ISBN: 9789388277433

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KINTSUKUROI is the heartbreaking yet heartwarming love story of ‘Anishka‘ and ‘Sahil‘. Anishka is a wonderful girl who is very optimistic, determined, high-spirited and a child by heart. She is blessed with everything in her life which one desires for: friends, family, support from her loved ones and her independence. Being from Indore, she resides in Delhi and is a Journalist by profession.

She loves to spend time with her crazy girl gang but is forced by her mother to meet a boy named Sahil at least once. But right now, she isn’t ready for marriage. She is a queen in her own right,  who doesn’t need a boy to complete her life. Initially, she ignores him with consistent lies and excuses, but then they become quite good friends who understand and begin to like each other.

Gradually they start spending time with each other and  Sahil starts feeling passionately about  Ani. Like the majority of the love stories, this duo also meets the same fate. Her school time crush,‘Kabir Malhotra’ enters her life but turns out he also shares a strong bond with Sahil. Sometimes life takes such a turn where we can’t imagine the next and the same happens with Ani. The situation becomes too complicated.

This love story is not that easy to be understood. Ani starts enjoying every moment shared with Kabir because it was her fantasy to be with him.

Her best friend ‘Devina’ warns her to stay away from Kabir, but even after this, she doesn’t pay heed to her. Ultimately, Anishka falls for Kabir.

Sahil was familiar with the things which were happening despite being silently in love with Ani. One horrific incident happens with Ani, after which it was not easy for her to control herself. Sahil, Ragini and Devina come to her rescue.

Sahil was still in love with Ani. But will Anishka understand and reciprocate the true feelings of Sahil? Will this love story meet its happy conclusion? Well, to know further give this novel a read.


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