Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans. Somewhere to go is a novel that revolves around this ideology. Love life and career are the prime things that shape up your youth. Success and failure are a part and parcel of your life till the time cupid hits you hard and your life starts revolving around that one person who makes your blood pumping organ a dam of emotions.

Aysher and Risha are two such characters working in the media industry towards achieving their dreams and establishing a successful career and are able to carry off their goal. Fallen in the well of love they decide to get hitched and walk down the road of commitment. It is then Risha gets a setback when Aysher goes on a self discovery mode leaving her and finding the truth of life.

Will Risha hold onto their love bond or will she hate Aysher for abandoning her? Will Aysher be successful in realizing what is the complexity of life and come back to Risha.? A novel that looks like a subtle love story has a lot to offer in terms of life and its realities.

Author Sambhavi has described the characters aptly in a simple yet interesting to read language. Aysher and Risha resemble to any modern day couple and the story they portray can be anyone’s chronicle. A realistic novel with a pinch of romance and a mirror showing the actuality of aliveness is a complete package to read. Well written book for all those who love the idea of falling in love along with your career going hand in hand.

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