Happiness is nothing more than a good health and it is indeed correctly said that “health is wealth.” Urban Ayurveda by Tanya Malhotra is one such quick read which will let you unearth your body more delightfully and help you find resolutions too many body problems and diseases.

Have you ever felt sick without any reason or wondered why you get tired so soon even after working for slighter duration. The acknowledgement to all such questions is stated correctly in this book. It begins with a very primary introduction of your body and then different body types and the diet one should follow. Tanya has managed to express the whole lot very well with a proper explication. Also conduct of different cultures and Seasonal Ayurveda has been mentioned subtlety.

Considerable ayurvedic recipes that compliment sublimely with today’s urban lifestyle has also been incorporated in the book which makes it a unabridged package. The literature cast-off in this book is gratifying and interpreting becomes gripping. Tanya has represented her work with ease and facile to read format by providing tabular representations where ever obligatory.

So if you are looking forward for some handy tips in your busy schedule of this urban lifestyle to keep yourself healthy and stress free do give this book a read.




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