We will meet again, a love story that whirls around Paridhi Mathur a beautiful dusky girl constantly trying to excel in her academics while fighting the monsters of loneliness. Whereas the male protagonist Abhigyan is depicted as a handsome, intense and rich man who instantly falls in love with Paridhi.

While Paridhi is busy with the on goings of her college a sudden trip to Kanpur, where her family resides gives her a chance to attend her best friend’s wedding in Jalandhar.

A wedding is a healthy affair where people meet each other and stories are made, Paridhi also witnesses some unforgettable moments which she might cherish forever. Will Abhigyan love Paridhi till the end or give up on her? And will Paridhi keep brushing away the thought of loving someone ever again?

Story does a lot of justice to the character of Paridhi but Abhigyan’s character could have been a bit detailed too. Readers would have enjoyed reading the feelings and emotions Abhigyan was dealing with. Author Tarang manages to juggle well with the characters of Bua, Mini (Paridhi’s sister), ritika (paridhi’s best friend) and Paridhi’s father. Even a tiniest character of Pammi aunty who is a neighbour of Paridhi in Kanpur is described in a manner you could connect easily with, they add a bit of humor to the novel. A simple story line which might make you nostalgic at certain points and the characters may come up as people next door. We will meet again as a premiere novel by Tarang Sinha is well written and is great for people who like reading light breezy romantic stories. Overall it is a nice piece of work for by a debut author and sturdy put forward for people who enjoy nubile love stories.

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