The nine most effective ways to do it.
By Sudesh Gogia
Come out from your AC corridors in which you’ve been putting up for long. Studies at Toronto University have confirmed people spend very little time in the sun and spend more time indoors. They’re thus prone to various allergies and are more fatigued than those who spend and enjoy the sun bath in the vicinity of greenery, trees, plants and flowers. Go and enjoy a quick walk in the sun for 30-45 minutes daily. You may slide the window curtains or open blinds to allow the bright sunlight to enter in your rooms.
Sun bath

Quick brisk walk: If you want to boost your energy level immediately and combat fatigue, come out in the fresh air and take a brisk walk. You may do deep breathings. Pranayaam does fill the lungs with O2, soak up beneficial vitamin D which is good for your bones, zaps fat and builds strength. Scientific studies at California have found that 15 minutes of walking will boost your heart rate and circulation and will ward off fatigue. After the walk a lot of happy hormones are secreted and these help tremendously in battling stress in an effective manner.

 Melodious music:When driving a car to work, commuting or being held up in agonising traffic jams, sing your favourite numbers. Singing utilises your muscles from the diaphragm in your abdomen to the tiny muscles in your larynx, leaving your fully relaxed. One US expert says, “Oxytocin known as the love hormone is released, which is responsible for orgasm, promotes your well-being and calmness of brain-cells.”

Smile broadly: The more authentic your smile, the longer you’ll live and boost your energy level in no time. A smile reflects your positive emotion which has been linked to physical and mental well-being.

Massage: There are various pressure points on your body which, when properly massaged, relieve stress and boost energy levels. Massaging the adrenal reflexology points can help solve your fatigue and exhaustion problems.

Have good gossip with humour and laughter: A good refreshing gossip with your friends boosts the hormone, levels progesterone, reducing anxiety and stress while boosting energy, according to researchers at the University of Michigan. Why have people stopped living and enjoying in the present moment? Humour and laughter help mood cognitive functions and quality of life. They too help discover your ‘true nature’. A hearty laugh drastically makes a fall in cortisol, the stress hormone.

Don’t suppress your anger: You may argue with your partner. Don’t bottle it up! Researchers have found that those who suppressed their anger were 25 per cent more likely to die early. Mind you, over time, suppressed anger can cause high BP, insomnia, heart problems and could even increase the risk of cancer.

Avoid cold drinks, alcohol and drinking: Get rid of the habit of getting a quick energy boost by caffeinated beverages. Smoking, gutka, drinking and other substance abuses have long-run repercussions. Instead, go for effective natural scientific versions!

boost your Energy level

Gardening and indulge in aroma therapy: Gardening helps you to energise besides burning up to 250 calories per hour. Nature has given us plenty of colourful flowers full of fragrance which are joy and energy boosters. Raat-ki-raani, rose, motia, mongra, dahlia and many more are not only pleasing to the eyes but boost energy when you see them growing in your garden! The brain which is responsible for anxiety and stress can be bypassed with the fragrance and delight of flowers. Burning some aroma-therapy oils – e.g. sandalwood, rose, lavender, jasmine – or lighting incense sticks work a lot. Wearing perfume helps a lot to destress.

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