America’s academic heart.
By Veena Adige
Boston in North East US is a multifaceted place. It is very well known as it played a central role in the American Revolution which erupted here three centuries ago. We have all heard, read and studied about the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, the Battle at Bunker Hill, the Siege of Boston and many other happenings.
Boston Delights

The world-famous, prestigious educational institutions of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge, and the topmost business school of Harvard are all around Boston. They are such beautiful places that it literally eggs us to study here or at least send some near and dear ones for education. The river Charles flows placidly besides MIT and students have a serene and calm atmosphere to study in the hallowed precincts.
My husband and I went there in a reverential mood. It was almost a pilgrimage for my husband who had always wanted to see it but, despite several visits to the US, we had not managed to do so.
It was cold and wet, an autumnal day in October when we reached Boston. As we entered MIT with its huge imposing buildings, seeing its Infinite Corridor and other places, we almost held our breaths in awe. It was all so beautiful. A haven for students. In the hundred years of its existence, thousands of students must have rolled out of its premises and become well-known established names with the MIT banner behind them.
Though it was a Saturday, students were teeming and going about their work seriously. We decided to enter the Infinite Corridor and see the classrooms, the offices and other parts when suddenly a band started playing. A group of youngsters was seriously playing musical instruments and was passing in a procession in the corridor. A little after they left, another student with a bushy tail attached was performing acrobatics with a football. The football moved synchromatically on his arms and even on the umbrella he carried. People looked at him. Some stopped and stared but the others waved and passed on.

We then proceeded to see the first computer along with a procession of youngsters who had obviously come to see the educational institution. There was so much to see that it was well nigh impossible to cover it all. And we also had to visit the Harvard Business School. The Business School was very quiet and serene. As we looked at it we could almost feel the eyes of the thousands who had graduated from here and the hundreds who were currently studying there. What satisfaction and happiness they must be carrying in their hearts, I thought, as they walked along the famous corridors.


The next day saw us take a tour of Boston city. Since it was still raining and cold we decided to take the hop on hop off conducted tours instead of walking and seeing. The hour-long tour showed us the important sights of the city.

After the tour we approached the vibrant Quincy Market, an important place in the city. The market itself is a gourmet’s delight. Different types of food and drinks are available here and one can choose to take it out and sit in the open. Exotic dishes from almost all over the world are available here. And there is one place which offers a very spicy sauce whose one drop is enough to burn the toughest palate. There are also shopping places which cater to the tourists who flock here.

Harvard Business School

As we were debating on what to eat, we suddenly heard the playing of the Scottish bagpipes. And sure enough, Celtic Colin was playing them, dressed in a Scottish kilt. He was juggling all sorts of things like sharp knives while playing the bagpipes. He suddenly called three people from the crowd to assist him and gave them three Scottish kilts which they put on. He made them do various sorts of funny drills to the delight of the audience. People clapped and encouraged him. He then made the three helpers hold a single-wheel cycle and climbing it he rode it while playing the bagpipes, juggling the knives and riding the cycle. This was another side of Boston which we were delighted to see. Boston has much to offer and deserves a long stay.


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