“Boyfriend Broke My Wrist After He Found Out About Adam’s Texts”: Singer’s Ex-Yoga Instructor

Adam Levine is again in hot waters as many more women are coming forward with the allegations of him sending them flirty messages hours after Levine denied cheating on his wife with an OnlyFans model.

Recently an OnlyFans model, Sumner Stroh, came out with allegations that the “Girls Like You” singer allegedly sent her inappropriate messages, on her socials and cheated on his wife with her. But Adam went on denying the allegations of cheating, and hours later a bunch of more women accused him of sending flirty messages to them, too.

A Model/Comedian named Maryka posted screenshots on her Instagram story that show an alleged conversation with the Marron 5 lead singer, which shows him using profanities towards the comedian and suggesting she indulge in sexual advances to distract herself. “Distract yourself by f*cking me?” Then the comedian also shared a video of him where Adam is saying sorry, but it is unclear what he seems to be doing so. She wasn’t the only one another woman named Alyson Rose also had a similar experience with Adam, where he had messaged her saying that he shouldn’t even be talking to her and when she replied by saying that she only liked metal music, Adam replied by saying, “said, no hot chick other than you”. Alyson said she felt like sharing that with everyone since Behati, Adam’s wife who is pregnant now deserves it. Adam’s ex Yoga instructor also revealed that Adam had sent her some explicit texts, telling his friends that she had a nice a** and that he wanted to spend a day with her naked, then the yoga instructor claimed that her then-boyfriend saw the texts and got violent due to Adam’s alleged texts and broke her wrist, and when she told Adam he ignored it and then completely iced her out.


Adam’s PR hasn’t released any sort of statement regarding these texts, the only response regarding this we’ve got is Adam’s sceptical apology on his Instagram where he claims that he was going through a dark time and he admits to sending inappropriate texts but denies to the cheating accusations.

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