Brad Pitt Gushes Over His Man Crushes In Recent Interview; Check Out!

In a recent interview with Vogue Brad Pitt revealed who should be called the most handsome men in the world and surprisingly the Fight Club actor didn’t vote for himself. I didn’t take brad a lot of time for Brad Pitt to reveal two of his man crushes as he gushed over their charisma. The first actor he talked about was, Color Of Money Actor, Paul Newman. Pitt said that Newman is his immediate go to whenever he’s asked about the Hollywood handsome. He went onto say that Newman aged gracefully and by all reports, was a really special, giving, warm, and truthful human being.

Then for his second man crush he said, that if he was going to pick someone present, it had to be George Clooney and he had to say him since George usually goes after Brad in these most handsome man questions.

Brad opened up about his new grooming collection. He revealed that his ex girlfriend, and “The Virgin Suicides” actress was the main inspiration behind this new venture. The actress is the owner of a renowned wellness brand. Her brand’s main focus is wellness and lifestyle and over the year brand has grown to be very successful mostly catering to high class women.

He said that he loved what Gwyneth had done. She remains a dear friend to himand she built an empire, which she always had in her as a curator and her brand has been a creative outlet for Gwyneth to put that energy to use. He even revealed that she might have been Brad’s first girlfriend who got him to wash his face twice a day.

Apart of his latest venture Brad also launched an art collection in Finland, which was part of an exhibition by the contemporary artist Thomas Houseago and will be on display until January. Brad revealed that the collection was based upon his past relationships and what went wrong with them.

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