This is heartbreaking to hear that Prince Charles of Wales has been tested positive for Coronavirus. The biggest issue is that coronavirus is deadly for those above 60 years. He is 71 of age and has been tested positive. This has caused a stir in the entire royal family. He has been kept under doctor supervision and his wife has been kept in isolation.

This raises a big question, is Prince Charles can catch Coronavirus, who is always under so much security, we are even more prone to catching it than we know. The novel coronavirus can hit us anytime and it is imperative that we all stay indoors in lockdown and practice social distancing.

The heir to the throne is said to have displayed “mild symptoms” on Sunday and was then tested on Monday, with the results coming through late on Tuesday night. Charles “otherwise remains in good health” and has been self-isolating in Scotland with the Duchess of Cornwall – who has tested negative for coronavirus.

Prince Charles’ last public event was a reception and dinner in aid of the Australian bushfire relief effort on 12 March, which took place at Mansion House in London. Earlier that day the Prince of Wales had attended an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, where he greeted recipients with a non-contact gesture due to concerns about the spread of the illness. According to the doctors, he would have been contagious since 13 March.

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