Kanyadan is a popular Hindu tradition in which the father gives away his daughter to the groom she gets married to. While this ritual is being followed since decades there is a father in Kolkata who has broken the stereotype. For those who don’t know a post on twitter is going crazy viral. The video talks about a unique wedding where the rituals are being performed by female pandits. But the highlight of the entire wedding was the father refusing to give away his daughter because he has a different mindset, unlike others. He has refused to do so because he thinks his daughter is not a property to give away.

The video was shared by Ashmita Ghosh which has received tons of comments appreciating the father for his brave step while some also criticized him. She had captioned it as, “I’m at a wedding with female pandits. They introduce the bride as the daughter of and (mom first!!!). The bride’s dad gave a speech saying he wasn’t doing kanyadaan because his daughter wasn’t property to give away. I’m so impressed.”Check it out:

Some of the comments could be read as “Can someone tell this lady and the father of the bride that Kanyadan doesn’t mean giving away a woman like property. Do some research, u guys need to understand rituals and traditions. Stop flaunting all this … I am simply not impressed. Stop propagating anti-Hindu agendas”. Another wrote, “This is amazing! Is it possible for you to get more details? I have a friend who would be VERY interested. Another comment could be read as, “What kind of self-loathing & apologetic Hindus have become! If you guys so loathe hindu ceremonies, why really get into this? Court marriage kar lete, waha to female lawyers hongi!Aur shaadi ladki se kari ki ladke se? Asking bcz you might find a man-Woman marriage anti-feminine”.

Well, it looks like society is breaking stereotypes and moving forward. Recently a Bengali bride made headlines with her bold views on a ritual called Kanakanjali ceremony, wherein she is supposed to throw rice at her parents during vidaai to repay her parents debt. But this bride had a different mindset. She gave a befitting reply to a relative who told her that she had repaid her parents debt, to which she had retorted, “You can never repay parent’s debt!.”

A father refused to give away his daughter as a possession as his daughter is “not a property to give away”. What are your views on it?