Indian Weddings are majorly known for their grandeur all arounds the world. So many rituals, heavy clothes, long celebrations make them Big fat Indian weddings. It should be so as marriage is something that you witness once in a lifetime.


Some rituals performed in an Indian Wedding are so that they they remain memorable foe lifetime for all. But some are memorable for bride and groom and thus become even more special. One of them in the entry of bride which is the most awaited one in any wedding by all specially by her man. So, a bride want it to be unique in every possible way. Here are certain ideas of Bride entry to leave everyone awestruck:

1.Glowing under the lights: Unique entry a bride could opt for is coming under a sheet of flowers covered with colourful lights glowing, like the entry of Kalki Kochelin in Yeh jawani hai Deewani..


  1. With Brahmins’ blessings: This is one which is quite religious for Hindu Wedding in which a Bride or dulhan follows the Brahmins or the priests who enter chanting mantras.
  2. On a royal Chariot: Why only groom comes riding a horse, bride can also try an entry upon a royal chariot decorated with lights and flowers.
  3. Like a princess: The simplest and the cheapest of all, an entry under the sheet of white and red flowers. This will make you look absolutely mesmerising.
  4. Sitting on a Palki: A decorated palki, which may be of different designs can be used for your entry because trust me walking so much in that heavy dress is really very difficult.


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