They got closer after her marriage

By Munmun Bhattacharjee


My dad is the one who brought me up along with my beloved dog, Coal. My mother died when I was young but I never felt sad thanks to my dad who has always been there for me. From the time when I dropped my ice-cream in the zoo to the time when I failed my job interview, he has always been there. The days I spent with him and Coal were filled with so much comfort and fulfillment that I could never imagine an end would come to these happy times.

More so, an end initiated and wanted by me.

All our memories kept flashing before my eyes. The trips we had, the expensive restaurants he took me to and how I ate my food in awe. I looked at my father with water-filled eyes and he smiled back wistfully. We were both at a crossroad where we wanted to go the other way but knew that the path we chose was the right one.

“Back to meet my family”

The flame burning in front of me made me feel hot and stuffy as I closed my eyes on the vedic priest’s cue. My husband-to-be was to put sindoor on my head. We met a few years ago and decided to get married last year. We were extremely happy when we announced our decision to our parents and they responded with an equal amount of happiness. The rest was a like a tornado rush for me. My close relatives helped me a lot throughout the arrangements and finally, after months of preparation, we were here, sitting together and exchanging vows, hoping to live happily ever after.

But now that we had finally reached the main day, I felt an unimaginable quench of fear and pain in my heart. The idea of starting a new life, that looked wonderful at the beginning, suddenly felt like a nightmare and I wanted my dad to help me wake up from it.


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