Every bride wishes to look her beautiful best on her wedding day. Though all the brides work a lot on their bodies to look super slim on their D-day, the shadi preparations bring along a lot of calories in the form of ‘desi ghee ka khana’ and sweets. At times, the brides may also feel bloated. Amid all this, it is difficult to find a solution to get out of this. However, we have some tips that will help you in getting that slim look for the wedding day.



  1. Say yes to greens

To avoid bloating, make sure you strictly avoid carbonated drinks. Add lots of vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cucumber in your meal.

  1. Avoid consuming salt

So it is the day when you wish to feel and look slim. For this, you must avoid having salty 8 to 10 hours before your wedding ceremony. Make sure that you drink lots of water to keep your body energised.


  1. Munch some fruits

Before the ceremony, snack up on some juicy fruits. You can have an apple to keep your body light and refreshed.


  1. Go for a walk

On the morning of your D-day, go for a walk and take in the fresh breeze. You can also have a cup of green tea. This will boost your energy and keep you light all day.


  1. Go for heels

Tall people look slimmer. To get a slim look on the day, choose high heels with your outfit. These heels will make you look taller and slimmer.


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