Ditch your groom for a pre-bridal bridesmaid shoot as it is becoming an upcoming wedding trend.
By Medha Chawla
Are you planning to get married sometime soon? I am sure, just like every other bride, you too must be planning to have a pre-wedding photoshoot with your to-be-husband! Right? To look at the romantic pictures of the couple holding each other’s hands, posing like Shahrukh-Kajol with the bride’s dupatta flowing in the breeze, is undeniably adorable. To be frank, this trend has become way too mainstream and common to be followed. Almost every Delhi-based contemporary couple gets done such a pre-wedding photoshoot at common locations like Hauz Khas Village and Humanyu’s Tomb. As soon as they receive pictures, the much compulsory task is done, i.e. flaunting the pictures on their social media timelines.


Isn’t it always better to stand out from the crowd and practise something unique to make your wedding an unforgettable one? Afterall, which bride doesn’t want her wedding to be a memorable affair. To fulfil that wish of yours, we introduce you to a latest trend which is too far from being mainstream, Pre-bridal Bridesmaids Shoot. The idea is to relish last moments of running out bachelor status, with none other than your partners in crime viz. sisters and best friends.

Your girls are the ones with whom you share craziest of times filled up with blissful joys, gala and girly drama (of course) in your growing years. Also, no bride can imagine her wedding without her bridesmaids. Apart from the emotional connect, they play an imperative role and act as support-system for the bride. While the bride is entangled in the ritual ceremonies, heavy traditional ensembles and endless headaches, it is her bridesmaids who take care of her. Tiniest yet vital tasks like re-arranging the maangtika, taking her to the loo, feeding her snacks while her hands are laden with mehendi are impossible without them. Now, you know their value, right?

Talking about the photoshoot, you are obviously going to have endless pictures with your groom, on the wedding day and other ceremonies. So, as you get clicked with your girls’ squad, you won’t even have to regret about missing out on anything with your hubby-to-be. Then why not ditch him aside and rather opt for a bridesmaids shoot than the cliched pre-wedding one. Influenced by the Hollywood, Parul Gandhi, a to-be-bride also got such a shoot done and had been planning for this with her bridesmaids from a long time. “My fiancé is in abroad and will only come just a few days before marriage, so a shoot with him was not possible. Hence, combining the bridesmaids concept with a pre-wedding shoot, we came up with a bridesmaid’s pre-wedding shoot”, she said. Sharing her experience, she said, “It all started with vigorous planning on Whatsapp about theme, location, dresses, props, etc for the shoot. The shoot was really fun and exciting. It indeed was an emotional moment as I actually started sinking in the feeling that I am actually getting married and the time is almost here. It was one of the most cherishable moments I have ever had with my girls and would be taking it with me as I start the new chapter of life”.

Here are some tips for you to plan a pre-wedding bridesmaid shoot.

Choosing the photographer

When you hire any contemporary photographer for your wedding and other functions, pre-wedding shoot is often rewarded as a complementary gift. So, you may simply ask the photographer to switch it from a typical couple shoot to a bridesmaid shoot. Or else, you may also appoint some other photographer especially for this photoshoot; packages begin from around 8 to 10 thousand rupees. Do have a look at the photographer’s previous work and creativity factor. Finalise the photographer only after reviewing the work of several others and comparing the pricey packages according to your budget. Vandit Chawla, a wedding photographer who also covered Parul’s bridesmaids shoot told, “Unlike the usual trend of couple pre-wedding shoot, the bridemaids shoot is the new uber cool concept. Not many people are aware of it, but this Hollywood-inspired idea is definitely going to become the latest wedding trend this year. Being a photographer, it is overwhelming to photograph the girls as the talk of their growing years and crazy times. People get amused to see the bridesmaids shoot pictures and appreciate a lot.”

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