So wanna make your boyfriend happy. Well it’s quite easy just some small gestures can make him feel his importance in your life. Guys do not demand much when it comes to relationships, they don’t need too many expensive gifts or lavish dates all they want to know is you were thinking of them every time and in every way. So here are some things that can make your boyfriend happy every day.



  • Telling him why you love him

Just tell your boyfriend that what makes him really special in your life and why to love him. Knowing this he’ll feel special and understand that he means a lot in your life.

  • Help him solve him problems

When your boyfriend tells you about any of his problem just listen to him carefully. Try to give him suggestions to solve his problems. Make him feel that his problems are yours and he is not alone. This will make him feel that you are always there for him, even in his low phase.

  • Help him shopping

When goes for shopping just try and tell him what suits him. Help him find suitable clothes for him. Telling him what should he wear so that he knows that every aspect of him matters you a lot.

  • Give him small surprises

Just try and give him small surprises that show your love. Even a surprise kiss or a hug would go well. In fact if you both don’t live together then you can just go to him home suddenly and tell him that you came because you missed him.

  • Show romantic gestures

Just a small gesture of love can tell him how much you love him. Lean on his shoulder while talking to him, look into his eyes or while he is talking to just smile as if you are really happy to have him in your life.

  • Appreciate him

When he tries to do something for you try to appreciate him, make him feel that you felt really nice. Even if you don’t like it tell him that you do.

  • Don’t make him feel insecure

Tell him about other guys to take to and make him feel that you would always love him and never leave him. Knowing this he’ll always feel confident about your relationship and even when you’ll have more male friends he’ll not feel insecure.

  • Be his friend before being a girlfriend

Try to show him that you are his best friend before being a girlfriend. Share everything that happens in your life with him. This will lead you to a path of healthy relationship and if you will tell him everything then he’ll do the same with you.

  • Give him his space

When he needs some time alone or with his friends try to give him, let him go out with his friend and party. Don’t be a possessive girlfriend and let him have some female friends too. Let him feel that you trust on him and don’t doubt his loyalty.

  • Be experimental

Physical relationship is also a part of it. Be open to more of experiments in it. Don’t show him as if he is too lusty and just be more comfortable with him in every way.


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