BTS Heartfelt Message To India Armies, “We Are Together For India, Stay Strong”

From speaking at UNICEF to winning a Grammy nomination, BTS which stands for ‘Bangtan SOneyondan’ has paved the way for KPOP to global recognition. The four-time Billboard award winner BTS is the first South Korean act to achieve such international achievements from all over the world.


When it comes to their fans, BTS never shy away to pour love and gratefulness to them. ‘Army’ which is the name of the fandom that the KPOP Group holds is one of the devoted fans in the world music industry. In a very recent interview with the Times Network, BTS shared a message to their Indian fans in Hindi which has left the fans in India in awe of them. On the request made by the interviewer Sakshma Srivastav, BTS said, “Indian Army aap hmare dil me rehte hain”, which translates into ‘Indian Army, you stay in our heart’.

RM, leader of the group BTS

During their interview, BTS got candid about their new hit single ‘Butter’ and also shared some insight to behind the scenes of music-making and performances. The Grammy-nominated group gave out a heartful message to their fans in India when they were asked for their views on the situation of the pandemic in the country. The leader of the Korean boy band, RM said, “Our prayers go to everyone fighting covid 19. We know India is suffering badly from the pandemic. We are together for India, stay strong”. To which J-Hope added, “Army do not lose hope”.

As fans in India are always in the anticipation to find out when they finally see their beloved artist perform in the country, BTS was asked about their plans on performing in India. On which RM replied, “We truly hope that situation gets better as soon as possible, and when the opportunity comes, we hope we can see each other safely”.

Their latest single English ‘Butter’, scored the first position on all the Top Billboard charts. This is the fourth time when one of the BTS songs has topped the Billboard charts before ‘Butter’ their songs like ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘Dynamite’ also made it no.1.

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