BTS J-Hope’s entire outfit costs over 22 lakh for only one performance at Muster Sowoozoo 2021;

BTS band rapper J-Hope styled himself by putting on the most expensive street style clothes anyone had ever seen before. Let’s find out  what was the most expensive stuff of his entire outfit..!!

The Korean K-Pop band BTS well known for their fashion choices, have recently accomplished their BTS Muster Sowoozoo 2021,on this 13 and 14 June. The live concert event celebrated the 8th anniversary of this boy K-Pop band. Alongside, Muster Sowoozoo  2021 has been a huge success for the band and the earning from online sales was about 500 million US dollars made a remarkable milestone of their eight years journey.

The boys performed on various music tracks like – Life goes on, Mikrokosmos, Chicken Noodle Soup, Daechwita OT7,…and with these stage firing performances they have earned big cheers from the audience. Speaking of which, J-Hope’s maiden performance on Chicken Noodle Soup song made the audience army speechless. Not only their performance, fashionista purple boys never miss a chance to exhibit their fashion sense.

As expected, BTS boys made some bold fashion statement during the live concert. While other band members are experimenting on their looks with hair color, tattoo and piercing to be look like a street gangsta, someone else broke the price records only for outfit. yeah, it was J-Hope, he wore an outfit while performing costs an amount of 22 lakh rupees that stunned everyone. He wore a smiley printed baggy pant with matching bucket hat, white t-shirt, Kanye Yeezy slides and a handsome watch.

So what really made his outfit so costlier ! It was the watch, the main star of his outfit. His outfit was complimented with a timepiece from Audemars Piguet a Swiss company known for the best luxury watches craftmanship. J-Hope wore a watch coveted from the Royal Oak Line of the Swiss brand which costs a whopping amount of 28000 US dollar ( 20.6 lakhs in Indian rupees). The T-shirt from and cute pant from Readymade he had worn costs rupees 65k and 45k respectively. The Yeezy slides he was styled in costs around rupees 11k and the snake skin patterned bucket hat priced at 92 US dollars. J-Hope’s love for the expensive clothes never fades out and his latest looks making him a fashion icon among the BTS fanbase.

Apart from J-Hope, BTS member Suga made a sensational news for wearing a limited edition sneakers from Nike, even though which was not released in market yet. Not only pop music but these BTS boys are also popular for their style statement and expensive stuffs. Its not the first time, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope have shown their impressing fashion statement before.

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