There is always that one day every week or maybe more than one day when you wake up with your hair looking like a nest and there is no time to set it right. An easy escape on these days is to just make a messy or fancy bun and you’ll probably end up looking cleaner than you do usually.

The chopstick bun- if you have a hair stick then this is the easiest and quickest bun you can make and the oriental look it adds always gets a thumbs up.


The sock/thick band bun- Another super easy bun style where you are set if you just have a thick hair band and a pair of hair pins.


Super easy Chingnon- The name sounds tough but it is amongst the easiest bun styles. Just twist and flip and you are done!


Messy bun- A tad bit similar to the sock bun, just that you don’t need a sock/thick band, a normal one will do. And it gives you a ragged look which is perfect for a casual work day.


Half-up twisted bun– If your bad hair is yet not so bad then go along with this one. It has got a laid back feeling to it and looks cute if you can find a cute pin to accessorize.


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