Business Tycoon Harsh Goenka Shares Viral Video Of Dog Using Car Wash For Back Rubs

Business tycoon Harsh Goenka usually shares interesting and motivational facts on Twitter and as usual to entertain his followers, he posted a new video along with a video in which a dog could be seen having a bath at an automatic car washing service.

In the funny video which has gone viral on social media a dog using an automatic car wash for back rubs. The clip was originally shared back in 2019. The incident took place in Western Turkey.

“Free massage anyone?” Goenka wrote while sharing the video. It has again been going viral after the business tycoon shared it on Twitter. In the video, a dog named Linda is seen using the automated brushes of a car wash to have a little bit of fun. Take a look at the video shared by Harsh Goenka that may leave you giggling and it would also make your heart melt. Watch the video here.

Since being shared a few hours ago, the video has gathered more than 93k views – and the numbers are only increasing. The clip has also accumulated nearly 2800 likes.

Reacting to the tweet, a user wrote, “Hahaha this is so adorable!

Wish we had such…

Both for the car as well as the dogs 😅”.

Another said, “This is called taking full advantage of government facilities…”

According to his profile on Forbes reveals that Goenka belongs to the fifth generation of a storied Indian business clan and chairs the $3.8 billion (revenue) RPG Group. RPG is named after the initials of Goenka’s late father who divided the family empire between him and younger sibling Sanjiv.

Key RPG companies include tire maker Ceat, which is run by Goenka’s son Anant. Goenka’s biggest asset is power transmission firm KEC International. During the pandemic lockdown, he commissioned a giant mural for his corporate headquarters, which he calls a “Wall of Gratitude” as a tribute to India’s frontline workers.

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