Can Derma Roller Be Used On Your Skin? Here’s How You Can Do So!

We are aware of the variety of beauty tools available in the market and it can be quite confusing regarding their needs and uses. Derma Roller seems to be such a tool. But what exactly is Derma Roller and how to use the beauty tool?

Derma Roller

The derma roller is a small device which is a handheld roller and is covered within rows of small needles. There are various uses of this tool, but the most significant use is the improvement of the pigmentation issues, along with the improvement of the surface of the skin.

Most people seem to be claiming that derma rollers help with fine lines, acne scars as well as hyperpigmentation, although, usually they should see professionals if they need to see the results.

Uses and Benefits of Derma Roller

Take the derma roller and roll it over the skin gently horizontally, vertically as well as diagonally rolling the device twice on the cheeks, chin, lips, forehead, and neck. In order to have an extensive outcome, ensure that you have your skin prepared for the session off derma rolling. Cleanse the area and exfoliate it with the help of a mild chemical peel for a better outcome. Exfoliation of the skin and cleansing it helps in increasing the absorption of the skin at a faster pace.

According to dermatologists, a needle with a lent of up to 1.5 mm can be used for the face, chest, and neck, and up to 2.5 mm over the body, and they are considered to be used by the medical micro-needling. However, they suggest that needles less than 0.5 mm length must be used at home.

Derma rollers are also considered to be used on hair, as after rolling it over the scalp, it helps in creating tiny punctures, which can make it easier for the qualities of the oils of reaching the follicles of the hair. It seems to be helping sunlight, hydration and nutrients reach out the root with ease.


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