People say eyes are mirror to ones’ soul and the saying stands true to even the mind. By looking at a persons’ eye gesture you can make out what is going in his mind. Lets find out how.
Eye Blocking
Eye blocking powerful display of disbelief and disagreement. Generally when we are feared of something, or don’t want to see any unpleasant sight we close our eyes. We also see eye blocking in the form of eye-rubbing and lots of blinking.
People squint in front of you when they do not like or agree with whatever you are saying. It is a sign when you are required to give an immediate clarification.
Raising Eye Brows
When a person raise his eye brows the is doing it to be able to draw attention and send clear communication.
Synchronize and Mimicry 
A person try to copy the eye movements of other person in front of him so as to build a rapport. But it should always be always be done in a careful manner as it might also makes a person feel offended.
Visual Construction
When person looks up towards right, he is trying to form a visual image in their mind. People usually lying are noticed making such gestures.
Inner Debate
If a person is in a debate with inner self, he will glance at lower left. People engrossed deep down in their thoughts usually are found doing so.  .
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