Have you ever thought of studying love? Wondered if ever universities give a degree on attaining expertise in love? That sounds too fanatical? Relax it is a reality now! New York University offers an undergraduate course on love. The course is that hit among students that number of students enrolling for it has tripled in two years.

The course is designed by Dr. Megan Poe, 42-year-old psychiatrist and associate professor is based out of Brooklyn, and runs a private therapy practice in downtown Manhattan.”The class is called ‘Love Actually’, and the first semester is majorly based on human experience of love. The architecture of the course moves in two psychological directions: horizontally and vertically.


The vertical trajectory expands out from the individual to encompass family love, collective love, and then universal love. The horizontal trajectory looks at the types of loving relationships you encounter across a lifespan,” suggests the report published in an English journal.

Professor Dr Megan Poe explains how did the course come about. “I was asked to give a lecture on ‘Love and Intimacy’ at NYU, and afterwards some students came up and asked if there was a course on the subject. Based on their interest, I began to design one with the help of three child psychiatry fellows, and I quickly realized I already had a lot of the course material. I’d been collecting it my whole life, in fact. The course is run out of NYU’s child and adolescent mental health studies department, the largest undergraduate child development program in the country. They have classes on all different aspects of the psyche—there’s a class on happiness, for example, and another on sleep.”

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