Just the remedy for the blues.
By Nandini Anuj
Being an employee of a leading public sector undertaking, I underwent many upheavals in my professional life – starting from the usual unhappy boss-subordinate relationship to not being promoted to the higher level for the fourth time. Meanwhile, my husband got transferred to another location of the same organisation. Luckily, even I managed to get myself transferred to the same location as my husband’s but to a new department

On the personal front too I was not doing well. My only daughter Prapti, an engineering student, was suffering from multiple ailments. I too was suffering from health issues. I lost my self-confidence. I was at my lowest. Just to pull me out of my state of sorrow and as a first step towards a healthy beginning, my husband started pestering me to go for morning walks. Soon, the pestering became coercion. Then reluctantly I started going out with him for morning walks. One hot summer morning, I was walking behind my husband sleepily. After walking for about 20 minutes, we returned through the same path but walking on opposite sides of the road. Just before the left turn for our home I suddenly happened to see 10-12 cannas (tall, bulbous plants belonging to the lily family) with many bright yellow flowers with dark orange centers. They looked splendid in spite of the filth around them littered by the nearby hotel staff, stagnant moss infected water and pungent smell. The cannas stirred my soul. If these flowers can grow in muck and look magnificient, then why can’t I adapt to my office environment, adopt the changes, improve, grow and look splendid. With new self- confidence, I took a step towards home.

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