In the past few years, memory foam mattresses have surpassed the realm of speciality beds. Memory foam helps the sleeper accomplish an ideal sleeping posture by supporting with correct spinal alignment when lying down. These mattresses come with a feature called temperature sensitivity, which allows them to adjust according to the sleeper’s body heat as well as body weight. As there is an increase in temperature, the mattress becomes softer and offers the sleeper a good night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep is essential as it helps a person to focus better, which in turn, improves the quality of their work and make them more active. So now, let us, deep dive, to figure out the best memory foam mattresses in India.


  1. Sunday Memory Plus Mattress

Sunday Mattress offers wonderfully comfortable, health-friendly as well as value-for-money mattresses. This newly launched mattress brand offers the most exquisite mattress collection. Each component used in the mattress, including the fibre used in the fabric and the material of the foam, is of exceptionally high quality. Its luxurious memory foam mattresses strictly follow the European standards. Even the raw material is sourced from Europe. Furthermore, this brand offers amazing features like 10 years warranty, zero partner disturbance, and a removable zipper for convenience and easy maintenance. On top of it, Sunday Mattress offers 100 nights no risk trial. So, now you can sleep on your mattress for good 100 days to decide if the mattress suits you. If you want to buy a memory foam mattress which caters all your needs then blindly go for this one.


  1. Sleepwell Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepwell memory foam mattresses provide long-lasting comfort, support as well as durability. The memory foam mattresses of Sleepwell come in various size to cater the needs of different individuals. Sleepwell mattresses are the perfect solution for individuals who want to allow the body to revive in comfort. The mattresses can be chosen by their denseness, softness, and toughness, as per the physical needs and decorum of the sleeper’s room. These mattresses are of high-quality material, having extra layers of foam and springs which offer a pleasant sleeping experience.


  1. Kurl-On Memory Foam Mattress

Kurl-On’s memory foam mattress is well-known for being firm, soft as well as incredibly durable for providing maximum support to the body. The mattress adapts to the body shape to ensure that pressure is distributed equally. The memory foam comforts pressure points that help with restful sleep and also relieve body pain. The mattress automatically adapts to body weight and temperature and is made from breathable bonded foam which provides extra support.


  1. Duroflex Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses are exclusively made to offer the best comfort and support for the spine and other major pressure points. The mattresses’ first zone provides support to lumbar regions, shoulder, and head. The second zone is responsible for supporting the heavier pelvic area, whereas the third zone supports the ankle, knee, foot, and the lower leg region.


  1. Springwel Memory Foam Mattress

This NASA technology-based memory foam helps in sensing as well as shaping itself to the sleeper’s body counters. The temperature sensitive material of the mattress maintains an ideal sleeping temperature. It offers thick support layer from its high resilient foam which eliminates pressure points and decreases tossing and turning while sleeping. Moreover, the mattress is fashionably draped in a soft quilted cover made of an anti-allergic and antimicrobial fabric, which offers an exceptional feel and look.

The above list mentions some of the best options for memory foam mattresses available in the market. The continuous use of a memory foam mattress can provide countless health benefits such as decreased pressure and pain, less motion isolation, and fewer allergens. All these benefits come together to offer an ideal environment for deep sleep.

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