Captain Nagappa Shares The Entire Incident Of The Kargil War: Read The Exclusive Interview

Capt Naveen Nagappa shares the whole conflict episode of how Capt Vikram Batra saved his life in the Kargil war. Chief Nagappa likewise discusses the film ‘Shershaah’, which he saw on Day 1, and Sidharth Malhotra who attempted the job of the daring warrior. He likewise discusses Capt Batra’s parents, siblings, and Dimple Cheema.

In the meeting, Capt Nagappa says that he was intrigued by Capt Batra in their first gathering itself, which occurred at the military wreck. Afterward, he met him at the line before the beginning of the Kargil war and Capt Batra requested that he give him a hug saying, “gale lag na, na jaane kaunsi mulaqaat aakhri hogi”.

Captain Nagappa depicts the time exhaustively when a hand explosive was flung at his fortification. “I flung the explosive back however lamentably it hit a stone and returned at me”. A couple of moments later it detonated, however not before Captain Nagappa had leaped to one side. Practically the exceptionally next second, Capt Batra was remaining before him. “He hauled me to a state of security and said ‘Darna nahi, mai aa gaya hoon’.”

Capt Nagappa proceeded to uncover that he has an image of Capt Batra behind his eating table. After Capt Nagappa recuperated a little – and it took him 21 long months and eight medical procedures before he began in any event, blending with individuals – Capt. Batra’s folks visited his home. “They saw the image and it was an exceptionally enthusiastic second for them. Aunt (Mrs Batra) said, ‘Humne Vikram ko kho diya hai, Naveen ko pa liya hai’.”

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We likewise addressed Capt Nagappa about ‘Shershaah’ and Sidharth Malhotra who attempted Capt Vikram Batra in the film. Capt Nagappa said that he cherished the film and saw it soon after 15 minutes when it arrived on OTT.

Kiara Advani played Captain Batra’s affection, Dimple Cheema. Be that as it may, Capt Nagappa hasn’t met her. “Vishal Batra (Capt Vikram Batra’s sibling) and his parents have shielded Dimpleji’s security. I regard that and we as a whole ought to”.

Today, Capt Nagappa can’t run. Be that as it may, he moves adequately quickly to perform every one of his responsibilities. He has a Central Govt work as a Superintendent Engineer and lets his girl know that in case there was no Capt Batra, she wouldn’t have been brought into the world in this world.

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